Parish Outreach


"Go out to the whole world…"

We are the face of our parish and Church to those in hospital, nursing home, and homebound. Our ministry is built on bringing Eucharist to those in need.

We call the men and women who generously give their time to this essential ministry our Visitation Committee. We have a volunteer assigned to each nursing home and hospital where a parish member or person we serve is present. We assign one person to visit each homebound person regularly as a supportive friend. Our goal is to visit all at least once a week.

As you might expect, this ministry requires a loving commitment. We currently have fourteen volunteers. We would eagerly welcome anyone who would like to experience the gratification of this rewarding and much needed ministry.

Get in touch with Parish Outreach Coordinator Peggy Malvaso for full details. Phone 621.4040 x23 or email