"Baptized in water and the Spirit."

To initiate is to begin.
The Rite of Christian Initiation is a process by which people are encouraged, taught, and guided to a new beginning as full members of the Catholic church. There is a program for both adults (RCIA) and children (RCIC).

Ours is a church built on sacramental life.
Candidates are people who have been baptized but have not yet received the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.
Catechumens are those who have not yet received Baptism, Eucharist, or Confirmation.

Those who take part in this journey learn about the church, share faith, and grow closer to the Lord. RCI begins in the Fall and continues throughout the year. Those who complete the Rite are fully initiated at the Vigil Mass at Easter.

Are you interested in becoming a full member of the Catholic church? Do you so someone who is? Are you simply interested in learning more? Would you like to work with our candidates and catechumens? Whatever your interest, we'd love to join us.

Get in touch with Marie Marton at 621.6343 x32 or mmarton@dor.org for more.